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Experts recommend to apply for CNAS accredited laboratory


Electrical characteristics class


Digital Power tester and DC Electronic Load

Dual channel color digital display fluorescence oscilloscope

Digital power tester

Six and a half digit multimeter




Semiconductor characteristic tester

Battery test system







Safety class


Electrical fast transient/burst generator

High frequency noise simulator

EMC tester

Ball pressure test fixture

Ball Pressure Tester

Vertical/horizontal flame retardant all-in-one tester

Lightning surge generator

ESD tester


Surge Generator


Temperature dotting device

Insulation impedance tester

Leakage current tester



Mechanical class


Wire bending life testing machine

Plug and pull life testing machine

Wire winding life testing machine

Wire tension tester



Flexing Tester

Roller testing machine

Key and Switch life testing machine

Plug and pull life testing machine





Environment Class


RoHS tester

Constant temperature and humidity chamber

Salt spraying tester

Electromagnetic absorption vibration table

RoHS Tester

Humidity & Temperature Programmer

Salt Steaming Tester




X-ray machine

Image tester

Video microscope



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